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Send virtual cards with your BMO Corporate Card

Use Extend to create and send virtual cards to manage the payment needs of your company with more control and efficiency.

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Extend is a new tool for your existing Corporate Card program

Access an easy-to-use mobile and web app that lets you create and send virtual cards with the card that’s already in your wallet.

Featured benefits

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Distribute virtual cards instantly.
Create and send virtual cards to anyone anywhere
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Reduce the hassle of reimbursements, and reconciliation
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Increase security and visibility by leveraging virtual cards
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Improve cash flow and capture spending on your Corporate Card that is not being tracked today

BMO Corporate Card clients can start without any additional cost.*

*It’s an app that lets you create and send virtual credit cards with your existing BMO Corporate Card that’s already in your wallet.
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Gain control

Virtual Cards offer enhanced control and visibility into your payments

Create and send virtual Cards to cover different kinds of business expenses.
  • Set the spending limit and expiration date of each virtual Card
  • Deactivate virtual cards and at anytime
Increase security & visibility

Help reduce fraud and misuse of Corporate Cards

Reduce fraud and misuse of Corporate Cards with the security and visibility of virtual cards.
  • Never share your business card number
  • Track who’s spending and where
  • Deactivate a virtual card and it will immediately decline
  • Reduce the challenges of managing multiple physical cards
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Image of a light grey card graphic
Simplify bookkeeping

Save time & streamline your accounting

Spend less time on retroactive tasks and more time looking at the bigger picture.
  • Help reduce expense reports and time spent on reimbursements
  • Help organize spending with unique virtual Cards for employees, clients, projects, vendors or other expense categories
  • Use reference codes to categorize expenses and help automate reconciliation
Improve cash flow

Make your Corporate
Card work harder

Improve your company's cash flow by moving more expenses
onto your Corporate Card.
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Register your Card in as little as a few minutes

See it in action

Try sending your first virtual card today with your Corporate Card or contact your BMO Treasury & Payment Solutions Consultant for a demo.

Frequently asked questions

How does Extend work?
Extend is a powerfully simple way to manage spending on your existing business account. First, Download the ‘Extend for BMO’ app from the iOS or Android app store or access Extend from the website at bmo.paywithextend.com. After creating a profile with Extend, you can register your Corporate Card to instantly create and send virtual cards using Extend’s mobile app or desktop site.
What is the relationship between Extend and BMO?
Extend is a third-party technology partner working with BMO. This relationship was developed to offer BMO Corporate Card clients the ability to issue and manage virtual cards.
Why should I use Extend?
Extend helps you get more out of your Corporate Card program. Instead of sharing plastic cards, send a virtual card with more controls. Automate bookkeeping by adding more data to transactions—like category tags, GL codes, notes, and receipts.