The easiest way to manage card spend all in one place

Extend makes it easy to create virtual cards for all your card payments and manage spending across your organization.

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Virtual cards
Receipt management
Out-of-pocket expenses
Reporting & reconciliation

Virtual cards

Secure company cards, without the plastic

Create cards as you need them

  • One-time use, multi-use, and recurring cards
  • Send guest cards directly to vendors or contractors without an Extend account
  • Load virtual cards into mobile wallets for use in stores

Control every card

  • Set card limits, expiration dates, and auto-refill rules
  • Edit card details at anytime
  • Deactivate and reactivate cards as needed

Manage employee card requests

  • Simplify processes by allowing employee to request cards in the app
  • Include notes and attachments for approver to review
  • Review and approve requests on-the-go from the Extend app


Allocate budgets & delegate spending power

  • Create budgets for different teams, projects, clients, or expense categories
  • Send budgets to designated employees so they can create virtual cards for their team’s expenses
  • Give teams visibility over budget balances so they can make informed decisions

Receipt management

Attach it all in Extend, no more paper chasing

  • Attach receipts and invoices to cards and transactions
  • Set receipt rules and send reminders
  • Download transaction statements with matching attachments

Out-of-pocket expenses

Manage employee expenses all in one place

  • Capture out-of-pocket expenses alongside employee card spending
  • Submit expense reports for review and approval
  • Notify employees of approvals and status changes

Reporting & reconciliation

Save time and eliminate manual reconciliation

  • Set up custom expense category codes to match your general ledger
  • Automate reconciliation by tagging cards and transactions
  • Download data-rich transaction statements with matching attachments


Connect systems & streamline processes

  • Import Extend data with Quickbooks or Concur integrations
  • Import physical card transactions into Extend for one view of all company card activity

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