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Not another complex software platform

Extend makes using virtual cards as easy as the payment apps you use to pay for dinner.

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Create unlimited virtual cards with the commercial card of your choice

  • One-time use, multi-use, and auto-refill cards
  • Send Guest Access cards to people who don't use Extend
  • Capture all virtual card transaction data

Instantly send & request cards

  • Send virtual cards to anyone with as little as an email address
  • Virtual cards can be accessed in the Extend app or via a secure link
  • Employees can send card requests in app with notes and invoice attachments
  • Get real-time notifications across all Extend activity to monitor spending

Control every card

  • Set card limits, expiration dates, and auto-refill rules
  • Edit card details at anytime
  • Deactivate and reactivate cards as needed
  • Assign MCC blocks

Allocate budgets so others can create virtual cards

  • Send budgets to designated individuals
  • Employees can request cards from budget holders
  • See all budget activity and virtual cards created
  • Edit and delete budgets at anytime

Streamline payments before they happen

  • Attach receipts and invoices to cards, card requests, and individual transactions
  • Create custom reference codes to match your general ledger and other internal classification of your choice
  • Download data-rich transaction statements
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, Expensify, and more
  • Import card transactions that happen on your physical card into Extend

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