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We take payments very seriously—everything else, not so much 

We might be passionate about payments, but more than that, we just want to love where we work. At Extend, we strive to foster a place for our team to grow as individuals and have fun while doing it. 

Remote work life has only brought us closer together

NYC might be our homebase, but with much of the team spread out across the continent, our office is only a WIFI connection away. That hasn’t stopped us from building a tight-knit team however—rooftop happy hours 🥂, zoom holiday celebrations 🎅, and excursions to the country-side 🏕 have given us plenty of excuses to leave our couch desks and have some fun.
"I was very excited to join this team for the people, the culture—there’s a lot of new things coming and with everyone focused on the same goal, the camaraderie could not be stronger."
-Antonio C., Customer Success

The values that drive us

We started as a small team and together we discovered the common values that unite us all. As we grow, we look to these fundamental ideals to shape the team we are building.

Customer obsession

Designing payments for people. Dedicated to quality and service, and to providing innovation that benefits everyone.


The only way to work is together. Built in partnership with banks and networks, by the collective effort of everyone on this team.


Honesty above all else. And as transparent as finances should be.


A constant need to learn and grow. You have to enjoy getting into the weeds.


Where accountability meets passion. With our sleeves rolled up, we’re working to effect industry-wide change.


Responsibility worn proudly. Positive attitudes produce positive outcomes.


When people thrive, business thrives. Payments are a universal need no matter who you are or what kind of business you’re in—an audience this diverse needs perspectives to match. 

As a financial technology startup we are actively addressing the diversity gap through our hiring efforts at all levels. We also strive to foster a place of learning and growth—seeking to make opportunities available to students and entry-level employees who may not be exposed to the paths available to them within our industry.


When our people thrive, our business thrives

Competitive compensation packages
Equity for all—our success is your success
401k matching
Unlimited vacation—and we want you to use it
Flexibility to work remote or in our NYC office
Comprehensive health coverage for you and your family
Reimbursement for gym memberships
$5k referral bonus—bring your friends!
Work with experts across disciplines
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Extend is an equal opportunity employer. The color of your skin, the pronouns you choose, your romantic preferences, or your questionable love of house music doesn’t determine whether or not you’re good at your job. If one of these roles looks fun to you, let your freak flag fly and apply.
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