Featured benefits

Help reduce fraud and misuse of business Cards with enhanced security and visibility of virtual Cards
Help reduce the hassle of reimbursements and reconciliation
Send employees a payment method whenever they need one
Help improve cash flow management and move spending to your Business Card

American Express® Business Card Members can get started in 3 steps at no charge.

Gain control

Virtual Cards offer enhanced control and visibility into your payments

Create and send virtual Cards to cover different kinds of business expenses.
  • Set the spending limit and expiration date of each virtual Card
  • Create budgets specific to your projects and maintain visibility and control over spending
  • Approve, modify, or cancel virtual Cards at any time
  • Enable employees, freelancers, and subcontractors to make payments on your behalf without sharing your physical Card
Enhance security

Help reduce fraud and misuse of Business Cards with the security and visibility of virtual Cards.

  • Vendors receive a virtual Card number, not the actual Card or account number, for each transaction
  • The virtual Card number provides added security, because it is a token good for a specific transaction, purchase amount, and time period

Save time & streamline your bookkeeping

Spend less time on retroactive tasks and more time looking at the bigger picture.
  • Help reduce expense reports and time spent on reimbursements
  • Help organize spending with unique virtual Cards for employees, clients, projects, vendors or other expense categories
  • Use reference codes to categorize expenses and help automate reconciliation
Enhance cash flow management

Make your Business Card work for you

Help improve your company’s cash flow management by moving more expenses on to the Business Card.

Register your Card in as little as a few minutes

Follow a simple 3-step enrollment process to get started making virtual Card payments using your existing American Express® Business Card.  If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your team of experts.

You’re ready to send your first virtual Card using Extend

See it in action

Try sending your first virtual Card today with your American Express® Business Card or ask us for a demo to see how easy it is for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

What is Extend?
Extend is a payments app that allows you create and send virtual Cards with your existing American Express® Card.
What is a virtual Card?
Simply put, it’s a digital Card with its own number, expiration date, and spending limit.  Use your existing American Express® Card to create virtual Cards that are linked to that Card.  Virtual Cards give you enhanced control over spending and save you time on expense management.
How does it work?
First, create an Extend profile and register your American Express® Business Card.  Then you can create your own virtual Cards that are linked to that Card. Use virtual Cards for yourself or send them to employees, contractors or freelancers for their business purchases.
Are virtual Cards accepted everywhere?
You can make online payments with your virtual Card anywhere American Express Cards are accepted, just like you do with your plastic Card.
Will I earn rewards on virtual Card purchases?
Yes, you will earn the rewards of your Card on your virtual Card purchases.
1Not all Cards are eligible to earn rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.