Employee cards
A virtual card for virtually anyone

Not everyone gets a company card. So what do your employees do when they need to pay for something? Send them a virtual card and easily manage everyone’s expenses.

See how it works
Increase control
Create individual virtual cards for team members and stop sharing the company card
Track employee spend
Keep everyone accountable for their expenses and control spending
Manage budgets
Create budgets and empower team leaders to manage their spend
Streamline processes
Manage approvals, reduce cash reimbursements, and optimize cash flow
"We have a whole team of media buyers responsible for running numerous campaigns across all of our clients. Before, we were sharing cards and had to internally track who was spending what, for which clients. Now we can just issue everyone individual virtual cards and not worry about who’s accountable for which charges."
How it works

Virtual cards: good for them, great for you.

Employees, contractors, interns, and interviewees can now put their payments on the company credit card—no card sharing, no paper chasing, better oversight of everyone’s spending.

Send cards securely to whoever needs one

Whether employees need a card for regular business expenses or an interviewee needs to pay for travel, send them a virtual card.

  • Set limits and control when cards can be charged
  • Create cards for one-time payments or use as regular employee cards
  • Reduce unapproved spending & keep everyone accountable for their expenses

Streamline purchase requests & approvals

Allow employees to request cards and eliminate expense reports and cash reimbursements. When an employee needs to pay for something, they can simply request a card with notes or receipt/invoice attachments. Card requests can be reviewed, updated, and approved for immediate use.

Give others the power to create cards with budgets

Give employees room to manage project or team expenses within a set budget and maintain total oversight over spending activity.

  • Create budgets with set limits
  • Send budgets to designated employees
  • Employees with a budget can create virtual cards and field card requests
Image of mobile phone with the Extend app showing Budget information with a list view

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