Manage virtual cards on a budget

Use budgets to organize spending and empower team members to manage their own virtual card needs.

Budget first, spend second

Set budgets for different departments, projects, or expense categories to manage spending and allow others to create virtual cards while maintaining transparency and control.

Control spending and stay organized

Allocate dedicated budgets to track spending in real-time, empower employees to create cards from pre-approved funds, and keep all your virtual cards organized.

Get safer, not stricter

Replace an employee’s company card with a company budget so they can create individual virtual cards for expenses rather than sharing plastic or using the same virtual card across many vendors.

Work smarter and delegate responsibly

Reduce workflow interruptions and streamline expense processes by sharing budgets with team members or individuals so people can manage their own virtual card needs.

Make your plastic more flexible

Consolidate plastic cards and provide multiple finance managers with access to their own budgets from a single credit card. Add multiple card managers to a single budget for shared responsibilities and time-off coverage.

Use cases

How businesses use Extend

Department expenses

Create a budget for each department in your company and share it with department heads. Team leaders can manage their budgets with a real-time view of balances and approve their team’s virtual card needs, streamlining expense processes and saving everyone time.

Project or client costs

Create a one-time budget for any specific project and ensure you don’t overspend. Share the budget with the project manager or anyone responsible for handling purchases or expenses so they can create cards as they need them under your control & supervision—keeping the project moving and the finances accounted for.

Manage entire spend categories

Have a ton of different monthly software costs? Set up a budget just for your subscription payments and create an individual virtual card for each platform. This allows you to stay organized while reducing exposure—so if one card gets compromised in a cyberattack, your credit limit is protected and all you have to do is cancel and replace the one card.

Employee travel

Reduce expense reports and cash reimbursements when employees use virtual cards to manage their travel expenses. By sending them a budget, they can create cards as they need them for different purchases, and you can ensure they won’t overspend.

Digital advertising

Manage your media budget with better visibility and get a real-time overview of spend breakdowns in one place. Create budgets by campaign or client—or use recurring budgets to manage monthly, quarterly, or yearly spending—then create different virtual cards for different platforms.

Franchises or multi-locations

Consolidate all your spend while decentralizing the workload. Give location managers a budget so they can create virtual cards and manage their own purchase needs. Not only does this allow them to operate more efficiently, but you gain visibility into the spend activity of all your locations, all in one place.

Petty cash expenses

Petty cash doesn’t earn points anyway. Create a budget for unexpected or miscellaneous expenses and eliminate the end-of-month surprises. Celebrating a birthday in the office? Buying a karaoke machine for the holiday party? Create a virtual card from your miscellaneous budget while simultaneously keeping track of your incidental spending as it happens.

“With budgets, the responsibility and accountability go to the individual rather than distributing a photocopied credit card with no way to tell which transactions are legit. Extend makes the employee accountable for their charges, and we have visibility over receipts for reconciling and audit purposes.”

Dillon Reed
Accountant at Ruoff Mortgage

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