Why virtual cards?

A powerful new payment tool

Security, control, flexibility, and efficiency—all the things you get when you use virtual cards for all your company’s card payments.

See why businesses are going virtual.

Virtual cards for business

If you can charge it, pay with Extend

Create, send, and manage virtual cards for all your business expenses.

Pay vendors with control and security

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Prevent wrongful billing and reduce the hassle of fraud when you create unique virtual cards to pay invoices or to leave on file for recurring monthly expenses.

Manage employee spending with accountability

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Stop sharing company cards and reduce cash reimbursements when you send team members a virtual card for their business expenses.

Track project and client expenses

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Create and share budgets for different departments, projects or clients. Allow team members to manage their spending needs while maintaining control and oversight.

Automate reconciliation and streamline expense processes

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Eliminate manual reconciliation. Tag virtual cards and transactions with expense category codes as you go, attach receipts and invoices, and integrate with your accounting software.

An image of the virtual card on the mobile app which is connected with tech threads and icons showing vendors and security and a confirmation notification.A snapshot of org members list. Overlaying the asset is a container showing a summary of virtual cards on a budget and a notification of a request for a virtual card. Tech threads and icons are connecting all the assets together.A snapshot of a marketing budget details with an overlay of success toast of showing the creation of the budget. Under the snapshot is a lot of budget users. All the assets are connected with tech threadsAn image showing the form to create a virtual card. On top is an image of transactions being synced to an accounting integration and logos of 2 accounting integrations available on Extend. Tech threads are connecting all the assets.
Image of a credit card with 3 icons overlaying it

Why Extend?

The easiest way to manage card spend all in one place

Extend is the only platform where you can create virtual cards with the credit card of your choice and easily manage company spending with better control and visibility.

  • Get started in minutes with the card in your pocket
  • Create virtual cards on demand with robust spend controls
  • Send cards to others with just their email address
  • Simplify processes with key expense management features

Virtual card API

Looking for a payment solution that scales?

Integrate virtual card creation into your payment workflows.

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