The new standard in card distribution
Extend allows businesses to give virtual credit cards to anyone, instantly.
Most companies issue corporate credit cards to very few employees. That doesn’t mean other employees don’t also need to make business purchases. With Extend, empower your team to make purchases when needed without using their personal cards, freeing them to focus on work instead of reimbursements. You enjoy the benefits of happy teams, more rewards, and streamlined expense reports.
Contractors & Freelancers
Often the freelancers and contractors you work with need to make business related purchases. Issuing them corporate credit cards isn't an option. Reviewing invoices and processing payments is time consuming. With Extend, instantly send virtual credit cards with full visibility, controls, and easy accounting integration.
Your company is thriving and interviewing a constant stream of candidates. These prospective hires incur costs for interviews, and it often takes a dedicated team weeks to reimburse them. With Extend, streamline your process and make the best first impression to acquire top talent.
Volunteers & Disaster Relief
Nonprofits and relief agencies need to mobilize people in the field, especially during emergencies. Extend makes it easy for organizations to instantly give virtual credit cards to remote staff, volunteers, and aid recipients, ensuring essentials like food, transportation, and hotel rooms can be secured without delay.

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