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If you can charge it, pay with Extend.

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Empower back- and front-office employees with virtual cards when they need to charge an expense
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Keep secure virtual cards on file for concession and equipment vendors
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Manage travel and lodging expenses when teams are on the road
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Control ad spend by platform and adhere to approved media budgets

“It’s really easy to use, it’s very user-friendly, and the use cases we’ve had have been incredible. It’s been a great solution that we’ve really found a lot of value out of.”

—Mark Sirota, CFO, Jacksonville Jaguars


The NFL Jacksonville Jaguars finance team was on the defense when it came to managing the company credit card. By implementing Extend, its financial team has tackled bottlenecks, improved financial processes, and scored big on better data.


With Extend, employees now request a virtual card for all their expense needs and attach the reason for their purchase and their receipts right in the app. For Amit, this means being able to review and approve purchase orders from anywhere and even automate the tedious reconciliation process. What’s more, the Jaguars’ finance team now has real-time visibility into spending, enabling better financial planning and more informed budgeting decisions.


Instant onboarding. The organization can get started in minutes with existing credit cards.

Uninterrupted workflow. Employees can instantly request cards when they need them, and the finance manager can review and approve requests from anywhere.

Flexible card controls. Leaders can update virtual card details on the fly when expense needs change—no need to create a new card every time or update files with new card numbers.

Better financial visibility. Real-time understanding of spending allows the team to better plan for and budget for expenses throughout the month.

Immediate month-end close. The finance team gains real-time data and insights, and can download rich transaction reports, allowing them to understand monthly spend almost immediately.

Keep your company credit card and gain new ways to manage spending.

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Easily create & distribute virtual cards
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Gain real-time visibility over company-wide spending
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Capture purchase orders, receipts, and invoices directly in the app
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Automate reconciliation and integrate with accounting software

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